Family law

Making family transitions as
smooth as possible.

Binding financial agreements.

Create certainty and security for you and your spouse, by deciding together how your assets should be divided after separation.

Consent orders.

Smoothly navigate property and child arrangements through a legally binding agreement that doesn’t involve going to Court.

Asset negotiations.

By taking a collaborative approach and providing prompt, clear advice, we make property settlements easier and less stressful for you.

Child custody arrangements.

Create a parenting arrangement that serves the best interests of you and your child, with the right team of lawyers beside you.

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Binding financial agreements.

Protect your assets and agree on a fair way to divide them before heightened emotions slide into the driver’s seat. With an experienced team guiding you, you’ll create an honest reflection of what’s reasonable if you decide to separate.

Binding financial agreements can feel daunting for many couples. When you’re excited about your future together, preparing for the worst can feel strange. But proactive action isn’t a bad thing. The sole purpose is to come to an agreement that can help keep things peaceful and smooth in the event of a separation.

Mostly, agreements like this are used as a safety net. Once you’ve created one, you can decide whether to use it in the future. It allows you to divide your assets fairly before emotions become heated. This way, your mutual expectations tend to be more accurately reflected.

Generally, an agreement is less expensive and more straightforward than your other options after separation. If you choose to use it, this agreement can spare you from exhausting and expensive court battles or mediation meetings.

In the event of a divorce or separation, you’ll have enough to deal with – a binding financial agreement helps remove the financial stress from the process.

Consent orders.​

Protect your assets and your kids, understand your rights, and create a binding agreement. All without going to Court.

It’s a great start to have a written agreement outlining what should happen to your property or kids after separation, but it’s usually best to formalise it with a consent order. This protects you from future problems by making your agreement legally binding.

Basically, a consent order has the same effect as a court order, without going to Court. Once the Court approves your plan, your obligations will be enforceable by law.

Our goal is to make this process as smooth as possible for you and your family and help you avoid mistakes that could hurt you later on.

Our team will help you:

  • Complete your application.
  • Draft your consent order.
  • Compile all required documentation.
  • File everything with the Court.

Asset negotiations.

Get the right advice on how to divide your assets so you can make informed decisions, reach a fair outcome, and start moving forward.

It’s important to get prompt legal advice about how your assets could be divided after you separate. With the right advice early on, you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

We’re here to help you:

  • Understand your entitlements.
  • Handle negotiations.
  • Settle matters outside of Court.
  • Create an agreement that prevents future claims against you.
  • Manage any necessary Court documentation and proceedings.

Dividing your assets after separation can be an emotional and overwhelming process. That’s why we focus on empathy and communication at every step.

Whether you need advice or help navigating the whole process, we’re here for you.

Child custody arrangements.

Parenting plans and parenting orders.

When it comes to your family’s future, you need more than just a committed family lawyer. You need the right support to help you understand your rights and responsibilities and ensure the best outcome for your kids.

Children are the most sensitive and important part of making arrangements post-separation. At Legali, we take this responsibility seriously and act as fierce advocates for you and your children the whole way through.

In what can be an emotionally charged time, it’s crucial to have the right people in your corner. It can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you feel in the dark about your options. Our compassionate team of experts is here to help you understand your options as you navigate this process.

Here’s a little info to get you started:

You and your former partner, with the help of your lawyers, can make arrangements for your kids in various ways.

Parenting plans.

A parenting plan is an informal agreement, signed by both parents, agreeing on how to move forward. This agreement is not legally binding. While you don’t require a lawyer to create a parenting plan, we do advise seeking legal advice or assistance to ensure all your bases are covered.

Parenting orders.

If you can’t come to a mutual agreement, you can apply for a parenting order with the Family Court. Here, the Court will decide each parent’s responsibilities and arrangements for your children.

Before you apply, you’re required to undergo family dispute resolution (a mediation process designed to see if the matter can be settled outside Court). Our team will support and advise you throughout the entire process and/or onto the Court to secure a parenting order.

Consent orders.

A consent order has the same effect as a court order, without going to Court.

After creating a parenting plan with your former spouse, our team will help you create an application for the Court to formalise your parenting plan. Once approved, your obligations will be enforceable by law.

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